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Nothing can cause damage to a house faster than rodent infestation, and one of the most common areas for these destructive pests is the attic or crawl space. Setting traps won’t solve the underlying problem of your home being susceptible to rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats or possums. Since rodents can contort their bodies and squeeze through tight spaces, they can be found at various structural points of your home, such as the on the roof, inside the attic, around the perimeter of the house, and in the crawl space.

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Rodents can

carry and spread a multitude of diseases. Hanta Virus, The Plague, Salmonella, and Lassa Fever are just some of the infectious diseases they can harbor and bring into your home. Poisoning these animals can lead to them decaying in your attic, walls and crawl space, creating more unsanitary conditions and leaving behind a foul stench. Therefore, the only way to keep them out is to locate every possible entryway.

At Atticrawl, we are experts at locating these hidden entry points and sealing them well, without affecting your home’s natural ventilation. Our specialized rodent cleanup process involves removing all feces and dead rodents, followed by an intensive proofing procedure to permanently eliminate entry into your attic or crawl space area.

Signals of a rodent infestation of your home include:

Rodent droppings

Noises at night

Foul odor

Chewed wires

Chewed vents

Obstruction of your ventilation system

Temperature fluctuations

Contaminated insulation

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