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Seasonal changes may lead you to notice varying temperatures in the rooms of your home. If you find yourself reaching for an additional layer or using an extra blanket more often, that might be a sign of air leaks or poor insulation in your home’s walls, windows, or attic. Cold floors are often an indication of poor insulation or sealing in your basement or foundation. AtticCrawl offers just the right solution to combating drafts and cold flooring: insulating rim joists in the floor structure.

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What is rim joist insulation?

Rim joists form the primary structure of the floor and are supported at their ends by the house’s foundation. Rim joists usually look like wooden squares running around the top perimeter of your basement walls. Their main purpose is to support the weight of the floor above them.

Without insulation, the only barrier between the inside of your home and the outdoors is the siding or brick. The rim joist typically spans the perimeter of your house, near ground level, and often includes has various openings for pipes that bring utilities into the home. When rim joists are under-insulated or neglected, especially in older homes, drafts enter through the basement sill plate, draining energy and making the floors cold. By properly insulating and air sealing your basement rim joists, your home will be able to keep heat in and unwanted drafts out.

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How effective is basement rim joist insulation?

Many homeowners mistakenly assume that they have to live with cold floors because of the age of their home, the climate in their area, or where their house is situated, in relation to the sun. Basement rim joist insulation is one of the easiest ways to increase comfort in your home. This significant home improvement will seal and insulate the rim joists of your floor structure to eliminate air leaks and drafts that cause cold floors. By insulating these areas and forcing energy to stay in your home, you can achieve a comfortable temperature inside all year round.

Why should I insulate my rim joists?

Insulating your rim joists will also increase your home’s energy efficiency. By insulating and sealing problematic areas, your heating and cooling system will conserve energy and significantly improve the cost of operation.

Another perk of basement rim joist insulation and air sealing is eliminating openings for critters to enter your home. The same holes that allow cold air to enter your home are also an entrance point for mice looking to escape the cold winter air and snow. Properly insulating your rim joists eliminates the possibility of unwanted visitors seeking refuge in the winter.

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