Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are wild animals. They come in groups of 5-6, that is how they protect each other against predators. Once a family of raccoons go inside your attic they mark their territory by nesting, urinating and defecating in the insulation. Raccoons are destructive by nature. No part of your property is good nesting grounds for raccoons. From all the possible damage to your property, your attic contains the most vulnerable components when it comes to raccoons. Raccoons nest in the insulation contaminating and destroying it. They are incredibly strong and use their powerful claws to rip wires, destroy water pipes, and break gas lines in a matter of days. Raccoons continuously urinate and defecate in the same area quickly creating raccoon latrines. Once an attic has a raccoon latrine it attracts other raccoon families looking for a place to breed. Raccoons then take over the attic guarding their entrances and become close to impossible to evict.

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