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Raccoons are wild animals. They are typically found in groups of 5-6 to protect each other from predators. Once a family of raccoons enters your attic they mark their territory by nesting, urinating and defecating in the insulation. Raccoons are destructive by nature. They are incredibly strong and use their powerful claws to rip wires, destroy water pipes, and break gas lines within a matter of days. While no part of your property is suitable nesting grounds for raccoons, your attic is most vulnerable. When raccoons nest in attic insulation, they create raccoon latrines that attract other raccoon families looking for a place to breed. When these pests overtake an attic, they carefully guard their entrances and become close to impossible to evict.

Attcrawl specialists are well trained and experienced in effectively ridding your home of these invaders. Our time-tested methods will allow you to regain peace of mind and security in your home.

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