Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is the most effective and permanent solution to crawl space moisture problems. Our premium 20 mil liners are used in conjunction with specialized sealant tape to block out any moisture from accumulating in your crawl space and eventually entering your home. Crawl space encapsulation creates better air quality in the crawl space, which creates better air quality in the living space above.

Excessive humidity coming up from your crawl space poses many risks. Microorganisms that thrive in humid conditions are of special concern as they can help cause allergies and asthmatic conditions. The crawl space is also prone to become a home for bugs, insects, and rodents. Termites, which love damp wood, aren’t far behind in terms of the whole-house damage they can wreak. Plenty of other insects and rodents are attracted to dark, moist places that are free of predators—a typical wet crawl space. A 20 mil moisture barrier will keep out not only moisture but also the mold and pests that tend to accompany it. Most common bugs need moisture to thrive. Common bugs that are an indication of moisture problems in the crawl space include: Cockroaches, Carpenter Ants, Silverfish and Firebrats, Earwigs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Pill Bugs or Roly Polies and Sow Bugs.  Mold loves humid conditions; their spores are known to contribute to the development of asthma in children and cause allergies.

Aside the many health and safety benefits of having your crawl space encapsulated, there are also day to day practical benefits as well such as: Great durability of the floor for  HVAC equipment, storage, and any other components in the crawl space. Being able to periodically inspect your crawl space without getting filthy from a moist and muddy dirt floor. A smooth clean surface to be able to quickly detect any leakage of plumbing or sewer pipes underneath the house. If your home has a crawl space, it’s time to have one of our trained professionals come and do a free in-home inspection.

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