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Excessive humidity coming up from your crawl space poses various risks to your family. Microorganisms that thrive in humid conditions are of special concern, as they contribute to allergic and asthmatic conditions. The crawl space is also prone to unwanted pests such as insects and rodents. Termites, who feast on damp wood, can gradually cause whole-house damage, if not properly treated.

Therefore, crawl space encapsulation is the most effective and permanent solution to crawl space moisture problems. Our premium 20 mil liners are used in conjunction with specialized sealant tape to prevent moisture from becoming trapped in your crawl space and entering your home. Encapsulation creates better air quality in the crawl space, enhancing air quality in the living space above.

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Aside from keeping moisture out,

vapor barriers can also prevent mold growth and pests that tend to accompany it. Common insects that are an indication of moisture problems in the crawl space include:

Carpenter ants
Silverfish and firebrats
Pill bugs
Sow bugs

Additional benefits of crawl space
encapsulation include:

Durability of the floor for HVAC equipment, storage, and any other components in the crawl space.

The ability to inspect your crawl space periodically without getting muddy and dirty from a dirty and moist floor

A smooth, clean surface that can aid in quickly detecting leaks in plumbing or sewer pipes under the house

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