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Attic RubbishAttic Rubbish

Attic Rubbish Removal / Attic Cleaning

Our Atticrawl cleaning experts are fully licensed and insured .

Attics are often used for storage. Over time, clutter in the attics can accumulate to the point there is barely any room to move around. Things you might think to be useful in the future will never find the way out of your attic, creating a bigger mess. Most of the time debris, roof particles, wood chips, antiques, boxes, trash, etc, will inhibit proper airflow and ventilation in your attic which can lead to mold, mildew, bad odors, etc. A clean house is the start for a healthy family. Our professional teams at Atticrawl are well trained/certified and will go above and beyond to give you the best services. Let us help you call us today at 1(800) 682-1602 for a free estimate.

attic insulationattic insulation

Attic Insulation

At Atticrawl we provide the best insulation. We work with a variety of insulation types in order to meet every customer need. If your home is not properly insulated or your insulation has been damaged, you may be wasting thousands of dollars every year by not having a properly insulated attic. The insulation in your home is your primary line of defense against harsh weather conditions, heat, cold, moisture, and energy loss. That statement is even more true for your attic. Due to the fact that attics are rarely padded with drywall or flooring. Which means to properly and effectively keep your home’s heating and air conditioning bills down, you need good insulation in the attic! The purpose of insulation is to regulate the flow of heat inside of your home, keeping the temperature in one space from leaking into the other. Inadequate insulation can result in higher energy bills along with uncomfortable temperatures in your home. A well-insulated home will dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs. In the winter it will retain your home’s warmth; in the summer it will allow the house to be cooler. Our insulation professionals are here to help you and answer any questions you may have. Book a free inspection online today or call us at 1(800) 682-1602 to start saving now!

insulation removalinsulation removal

Insulation Removal

There are certain times when insulation can be damaged beyond repair. Insulation can become contaminated with feces and urine by rodents seeking shelter and warmth. Rodents by nature have a tendency to follow their own scent. When rodents such as mice, rats, squirrels, raccoon, and possums nest in your attic/crawl space their feces and urine is absorbed in the insulation attracting new rodents. This will lead to a larger scale infestation where rodents will cause damages other than insulation to things such as air ducts, electrical wiring, and much more. Insulation can also be ruined by water causing mold, mildew, bad odors, etc. Over time insulation deteriorates and causes a build up of dust which gets in to your home this may lead to sneezing, coughing, wheezing and other allergy symptoms. Our professional teams at Atticrawl will ensure the most safe and effective methods are used for your insulation removal, so your home can be restored to a clean and healthy environment for you and your family. We can help book a free estimate online or call us at 1(800) 682-1602 today.

air gap sealingair gap sealing

Air Gap Sealing

Air gaps in the attic are one of the main sources of energy loss. Hot or cold air travels trough these small spaces upward into the attic or from the attic down. This will result in colder home in the winter and a warmer home in the summer. Generally, these are holes for wires, pipes, and light fixtures. By sealing these air gaps you will be taking a crucial step towards an energy efficient home. At Atticrawl, we specialize in finding each and everyone on these air gaps and leakages, to keep you home at a desirable temperature. Call us for a free inspection today at 1(800) 682-1602.

radiant barrierradiant barrier

Radiant Barrier

One of the advantages of radiant barrier is that it is as cost-effective way to insulate a structure’s roof. This type of insulation helps reflect and block out summer heat as well as traps in heat and keeps it from escaping buildings in the wintertime. Therefore, not only is it appropriate for the summer months, but for the winter ones as well. Radiant barrier insulation is made up of thin reflective sheets. The sheets are composed of substrate materials that are then coated in aluminum. Radiant barrier keeps unwanted heat out and secures wanted heat in, it helps keep energy bills lower. This type of insulation is particularly ideal for attics because as the heat of the sun hits the top of roofs, the heat is radiated through the floor of the attic and into the rooms below. However, if radiant barrier insulation is installed, then the heat is reflected back through the roof instead of down into the rooms of the building. Our energy specialists at Atticrawl have many years of experience working together with customers to come up with the most cost-efficient solution to saving energy. Call us today for free inspection at 1(800) 682-1602.



When you’re dealing with rodent contamination, there’s more than meets the eye. It’s essential not only to remove all visible droppings, but to address the world of invisible dangers still lingering. Fungi, germs, and bacteria remain even when all visible signs of rodents are gone. This can lead to diseases being harbored and spread even after a rodent infestation. Proper professional measures must be taken to ensure that your home is free from all rodent-related health hazards. Here at atticrawl, our team is properly equipped to ensure that your attic is completely sanitary, and absolutely nothing is left behind that can pose health risks to you or your family.

 Air Duct Replacement Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement

Often times it is too late to make decent repairs. There are many situations in which simple repairs and insulation projects are insufficient and will not yield significant benefits. Air ducts can be old, full of dust/dirt, crushed or damaged by rodents. In these cases a total air duct replacement is required. The experts at Atticrawl may recommend air duct replacement and air vent replacement. This includes the removal of the old damaged duct, installation and the replacement of a new functioning air duct, and proper installation. This service can be done in sections of your air duct system or as an entire replacement, whichever will best address the problems caused by the damaged air duct, and will prevent them from occurring again. Proper installation is critical to best reduce your home’s energy expenditure and increase your HVAC system’s effectiveness. Don't wait any longer book a free inspection now online or by phone at 1(800) 682-1602.

rodent proofingrodent proofing

Rodent Proofing

Nothing can cause damage to a house faster than rodent infestation, and one of the most common areas for these destructive pests is the attic or crawl space. Some reasons to rodent proof your home with the help of Atticrawl are, no more setting traps! It may help, but it won’t solve the underlying problem of your home being susceptible to rats, mice, squirrels, raccoon, bats and possums, due to its many opportunities of entryway. The openings can be hard to find. Since rodents can contort their bodies and squeeze through extremely tight spaces. they can be found at various structural points of your home, such as the roof, inside the attic, around the house perimeter and crawl space. At Atticrawl we are experts at locating these hidden entry points and sealing them all without affecting your home’s natural ventilation. Using pest poison is deadly to humans and pets. Poisoning these rodents can lead to them decaying in your attic, walls and crawl space, creating more unsanitary conditions while leaving behind a foul stench. Rodents can carry and spread a multitude of diseases. Hanta Virus, The Plague, Salmonella, Lassa Fever these are just some of the infectious diseases they can harbor and bring into your home. The only way to keep them out is to locate every possible entryway. Rodents cause millions of dollars in damage to electrical systems and buildings every year. This includes electrical wires, wood, insulation, and more. It is important that this is done in a way which preserves the attic’s air flow so that moisture does not build up in the attic, and result in mold or mildew forming on the wood and in the insulation. Signals of a rodent infestation of your home include; rodent droppings, noises at night, foul odor, chewed wires, chewed vents, obstruction of your ventilation system, temperature fluctuations and contaminated insulation. Our rodent cleanup process at Atticrawl involves removing all feces and any dead rodents, and the attic will then be subjected to our rodent proofing procedure to make sure that no more rodents can gain access to your attic or crawl space area. We can help! Don't let these rodents get comfortable in your home contact us today at 1(800) 682-1602.

air duct repairair duct repair

Air Duct Repair

If you want to get as much energy out of your HVAC system for as little money as possible, you may need Atticrawl to complete a home air duct inspection and air duct repair. Living with a damaged air duct can be extremely hazardous. When air ducts are allowed to deteriorate, hot and cold air from the heating system rapidly escapes from joints, seals, and other gaps. The collective energy loss is significant, as the typical American house loses about 20 to 30 percent of its air due to leaks, holes, and improperly connected ducts. Unfortunately by the time a homeowner realizes their system has been damaged they may have already spent thousands of dollars on wasted energies. With help from Atticrawl specialists these leaks can be quickly identified and sealed to ensure that your energy is going where it belongs so your system doesn't have to work as hard and saving you money from being consumed on the energy used to keep you warm or cool. Atticrawl's duct repair services and duct insulation installation will improve your system performance by as much as 20 percent. Don't accept a higher energy bill than necessary, or suffer with a heating or cooling system that doesn't work when you most need it. Contact us today for a free inspection at 1(800) 682-1602 so you don't waste any more energy than you already have.



crawl space cleaningcrawl space cleaning

Crawl Space Cleaning

Crawl-Spaces and Basements are perfect homes for rodents as they seek shelter from the outdoors. It is very likely you have pests who have sought refuge in your crawl spaces. Dampness and moisture can also contribute to the harmful growth of insects, mold, and other pests in your crawl space. These rodents, insects, and mold infestation can cause serious structural damage. Due to their presence, these areas are often contaminated by waste and dead animal bodies. Excrement and waste that is left can carry serious health risks including the spread of bacteria, toxins, flees, ticks, and various diseases. As a result, your family is exposed to harmful illnesses such as salmonella, hantavirus, rat bite fever and more. Attempting to clean these crawl space areas puts yourself at risk of getting bitten by animals lingering down below, such as snakes, rats, mice, bats, possums and raccoon. Furthermore, entering these areas with inadequate equipment exposes you to these harmful unsanitary conditions and diseases. Our crawl space cleaning, like all our services, is guaranteed and is done in a thoroughly professional manner. Our technicians at Atticrawl have the proper knowledge and equipment for crawl space cleanup. All steps will be outlined in our estimate. A crawl space cleaning will create a healthy hygienic environment for you and your family. Book a free inspection online or by contacting us at 1(800) 682-1602 today so can help create a cleaner atmosphere where you can live comfortably.

crawl space insulationcrawl space insulation

Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces can be major sources of home energy loss, whether or not your ventilation system routs through the crawl space area. Crawl space insulation increases energy efficiency, saving you money and protecting against burst pipes and other disasters. Properly insulating crawl space locks in hot or cold air, keeping your home more comfortable in the summer and winter months. Crawl space insulation is one of the most common types of home insulation improvements. Protect your home and increase your cost savings with crawl space insulation services by Atticrawl. Contact us today for a free estimate at 1(800) 682-1602.

vapor barriervapor barrier

Vapor Barrier

Does your crawl space feel humid? Does it have a awful odor? If so, you may need to contact us to schedule an appointment to install a vapor barrier. A crawl space that does not have a vapor barrier installed is considered unfinished, and can lead to problems such as mold and pest infestations. Crawl spaces are often designed with dirt floors, making them a breeding ground for moisture, termite and mold. Installing a proper vapor barrier can help in preventing basement moisture. Without proper vapor barriers, you may experience the following unpleasant results: Invites of fungus and mold, attraction of termites which would likely destroy any wood surfaces, Reduction of your indoor air quality above, draws rodents, critters, and other insects. The vapor barrier helps to negate these effects, leaving your crawl space dry and free of pests or damage. Our team at Atticrawl will install a vapor barrier in your crawl space that will help prevent termite, mold, mildew, bad odor, low air quality and moisture damage.. You will rest easier knowing that our team is devoted to making sure that your crawl space is free of any damages or mold that would keep it from being what you and your loved ones desire. Let us help you call us today for a free inspection at 1(800) 682-1602.




Wherever your business operates  offices, warehouses, commercial buildings, multi- family homes, or duplexes  Atticrawl contractors really know what it takes to perform a high quality work in the most cost-effective way. Atticrawl offers several different commercial services to ensure that your business  or home is safe from the safety hazards that contaminated and damaged insulation can cause, and that your commercial energy bill does not break your bank on a monthly basis. We hope that you understand the benefits of having great insulation in your home at this point.

With benefits that are practically boundless, not possessing the proper insulation for your commercial property installed would be irresponsible. At Atticrawl we offer high quality, cost effective and performance enhancing commercial insulation services.

Here at Atticrawl we work with you to prioritize the insulation necessities of your commercial building, and in turn help you make the best decisions for saving money in the long run. Before every job or project we take a look at the biggest places energy is being lost and discuss a primary goal for the insulation you would like to be installed. From there we design the perfect insulation plan for your price range. Before specifying the insulation system for any project, Atticrawl will work with you to prioritize the reason for insulating, and then determine the appropriate insulation to achieve the primary goal.

So, give Atticrawl a cal at 1(800) 682-1602, and we will help you make your business more energy efficient, more comfortable and safer for everyone inside.

Did you know having great insulation at your commercial property can:

  • Increase the interior/exterior noise barrier
  • Lower your heating/ cooling expenses
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Increase building resale value
  • Keep bugs, insects and unwanted pests away
  • Acts as an additional fire protector

Why choose us?

Do you have a home or office that is contaminated with rodents, leaving you looking for a professional and experienced company to help you to deal with this problem? Many rodents will create their nests in the attic of homes and commercial buildings, which can cause serious health concerns for the residents. When finished, your attic will be left rodent free, and decontaminated.

We are licensed, bonded and insured. When Atticrawl is hired they approach each task in a highly professional manner, each of our team members are highly trained and qualified to tackle the task at hand. With an objective to quickly take care of your rodent problems and ensure that your home is left in perfect conditions and secure. At Atticrawl we offer affordable prices in all of our services. From rodent removal, to insulation materials after the attic has been cleaned, we offer a wide range of services for your home for an affordable price at a high quality.

Atticrawl is comprehensive provider of professional attic and crawl space services. Attticrawl has been providing industry leading attic cleaning and insulation removal services to both residential, as well as commercial buildings for many years. We have been proudly servicing the New Jersey area, with over 8 years of industry experience.  Our objective is to provide our customers with our years of experience and expertise to ensure that your home is secure, energy efficient, and comfortable for you and your loved ones.

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Insulation removal and replacement is not something for the inexperienced homeowner. Calling in Atticrawl was the best decision I have ever made as it allowed me to not only get the job done right but avoid me the hassle!

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