Radiant Barrier

One of the advantages of radiant barrier is that it is as cost-effective way to insulate a structure’s roof. This type of insulation helps reflect and block out summer heat as well as traps in heat and keeps it from escaping buildings in the wintertime. Therefore, not only is it appropriate for the summer months, but for the winter ones as well. Radiant barrier insulation is made up of thin reflective sheets. The sheets are composed of substrate materials that are then coated in aluminum. Radiant barrier keeps unwanted heat out and secures wanted heat in, it helps keep energy bills lower. This type of insulation is particularly ideal for attics because as the heat of the sun hits the top of roofs, the heat is radiated through the floor of the attic and into the rooms below. However, if radiant barrier insulation is installed, then the heat is reflected back through the roof instead of down into the rooms of the building. Our energy specialists at Atticrawl have many years of experience working together with customers to come up with the most cost-efficient solution to saving energy.
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