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 Q. Can I remove insulation on my own?

A. Yes, you can remove insulation on your own, but there are many risks that come with removing insulation, which is why we do not recommend doing so. Contaminated insulation can be harmful to your health and your family if you are not skilled or do not have the proper equipment/gear to remove insulation. Old insulation may contain feces and/or urine, bacteria, mold, mildew, bugs due to rodent nesting in the insulation. Diseases like Hantavirus, Pulmonary Syndrome can be spread by inhaling or come in direct contact with tiny particles of insulation contaminated with rodent feces/urine. For more information follow this government link, Atticrawl has many years of experience with the removal of old cellulose/fiberglass insulation as well as contaminated insulation. Our committed staff and crew are always prepared, and possess the proper gear and equipment to perform these types of duties.
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