Vapor Barrier

Does your crawl space feel humid? Does it have a awful odor? If so, you may need to contact us to schedule an appointment to install a vapor barrier. A crawl space that does not have a vapor barrier installed is considered unfinished, and can lead to problems such as mold and pest infestations. Crawl spaces are often designed with dirt floors, making them a breeding ground for moisture, termite and mold. Installing a proper vapor barrier can help in preventing basement moisture. Without proper vapor barriers, you may experience the following unpleasant results: Invites of fungus and mold, attraction of termites which would likely destroy any wood surfaces, Reduction of your indoor air quality above, draws rodents, critters, and other insects. The vapor barrier helps to negate these effects, leaving your crawl space dry and free of pests or damage. Our team at Atticrawl will install a vapor barrier in your crawl space that will help prevent termite, mold, mildew, bad odor, low air quality and moisture damage.. You will rest easier knowing that our team is devoted to making sure that your crawl space is free of any damages or mold that would keep it from being what you and your loved ones desire.
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